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Your goal is preparedness.
Our mission is to provide peace of mind. was created to be more than just another provider of emergency food and preparedness products.  We want to measure up to the 4 main standards that so many Preppers world-wide expect from a one-stop preparedness resource:



The best time to prepare is now! We understand that nothing is more important than having peace of mind and security in times of emergency. Your family's well being is of utmost concern, for that reason we offer high-quality great tasting Nutristore™ freeze-dried and dehydrated foods to help you successfully complete your food storage supply without going over budget. To help build your food supply at your pace, we offer each item for single can purchase or you can order one of our many multi-packs and save up to 15% any day of the week by purchasing in bulk. Start today. We will be there every step of the way in fulfilling your complete food storage supply!


Emergency situations can be unpredictable and out of our control. The one thing you can control in an emergency is your own personal preparedness. At, it’s our constant objective to educate the public on how to properly prepare for emergencies of every kind. Our goal is to provide you with products and supplies that bring comfort and security knowing your emergency food and survival needs have been met. From food storage needs including freeze-dried meals and other long-term food supply options, to safety tips and cost-effective preparation techniques, is here to educate you on all things emergency preparedness.


Communication is everything! At communication is a two-way street. We pride ourselves in providing the public with up-todate information regarding recent disasters, successful survival tips, signature articles and much more. Not only do we provide you with lifesaving information, but our ears are open to you! If you have any requests, questions, ideas or suggestions email us at We also want to hear your success stories, survival tips and how you have used food storage products in the past. Send your stories to


We put a lot of time and effort into Research and Development to optimize the taste and quality of our products. Countless hours have been invested in all our food storage and preparedness items. We want you to enjoy our products. Our products have been tried and tested in many different scenarios so you have the assurance your supply contains the highest quality product on the market. You can trust to supply you with the very best options. As new products are developed and survival tips discovered, we will make those readily available so you are well-equipped for the next natural disaster or emergency situation.