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Must Haves of Emergency Food


Must Have Emergency Food


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          Are These Items Part of Your Emergency Food Supply? 

Nutristore Freeze-dried Chicken


Provides protein, essential nutrients, and vitamins–all things you need! 

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Nutristore Freeze-dried Corn

Sweet Corn

A great source of fiber - a staple that serves as a foundation for many dishes.

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Nutristore Freeze-dried Stawberries


High in fiber and vitamin C, this item also boosts short-term memory and eye health.

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Nutristore Freeze-dried Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar Cheese

This delicious addition adds needed protein, vitamins, and minerals!

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Nutristore Instant Milk

Real Instant 

Great source of protein, calcium, vitamin D, potassium and vitamins and minerals.

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Nutristore Freeze-dried Green Beans

Green Beans

High is vitamins K, C, and A, as well as a high in dietary fiber.

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Nutristore Dehydrated Mirepoix Blend

Mirepoix Blend

This item is versitile and adds flavor and nutrition to your food storage menu!

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Nutristore Granola


Ready to eat, Granola is an excellent source for needed protein and fiber.

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Nutristore Prepper Essentials Starter Kit (6 Pack)


Prepper Essentials Starter Kit

This variety pack is truly a "must have" for your food storage supply! With Freeze-dried Corn, Chicken, and Strawberries and emergency meal staples such as Instant Milk, Pinto Beans, and Hard Red Wheat, this kit will fill the voids in your emergency food supply, or acts as a great launching point if you're a beginner. Each item in this variety has a shelf life of at least 25 years and can be prepared in almost any circumstance.

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Don't forget to check out all our great food storage options!

When it comes to putting together your food storage, it can be overwhelming, especially if you are just getting started. You may ask yourself questions like, "what makes a well rounded emergency food supply?". When you're on a budget, every item you add to your storage needs to count, so we are here to help you know where to start, or see where you might improve.

A successful food storage supply will provide you with energy and nutrition that will benefit your family immediately during an emergency situaiton whether it be long or short-term. 

Did we miss anything?

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