Disaster Preparedness – How Does Your State Rank?

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No matter which state you live in, there is always a potential for natural disaster. Some states carry higher risk than others but most states are under-prepared to handle the after effects of an emergency. So how does your state measure up? We’ve created a comprehensive info-graphic that illustrates the following:

  1. The most likely disaster type each state may face
  2. The level of preparedness and resilience each state has to respond to such a disaster

We’ve applied a score for each of these two points. The Risk Score is based on the combined likelihood of any of the 9 highlighted disasters occuring in the state which you live – “0″ representing “No Risk” and “10″ representing “Very High Risk”. The Preparedness Rating is based on each states disaster budget per capita according to NEMAweb.org – “0″ representing a non-existent preparedness budget and “10″ representing a fully sufficient preparedness budget. Based on these two scores, we then ranked each states overall resilience against a natural disaster. In almost all cases, States have under-budgeted for the emergency response and support that would sufficiently sustain their citizens for an extended period. Knowing this, it’s important to not be dependent on state resources and to instead create your own emergency plan. A food storage supply existing of emergency food and water is crucial for your families survival. Maintaining a stock of medical tools and resources could likely save a life. Be informed of where your state ranks, comment on what you are doing to prepare and be sure to share this info-graphic with friends and family.

Is Your State at Risk?Disaster-State Rankings

What are you doing to prepare for the disasters that threaten YOUR state?

Please share your experiences in the comments section below!

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